Waukesha F18GL

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Waukesha F18GL

Miller Engine # 1127146

Serial #   C-12753/1                SAA # 99-13

Service Type: Continuous

Comp Ratio: 8-7/1

Rebuilt Date: April 1999

RPM: 1800

Fuel: Natural Gas

Min WKI 85

Ign Timing BTDC 24   

Carb Ad. 7.8 O2

Service HP/kW  400/300  Overload HP/kW  416/312

Firing Order 1-5-3-6-2-4

Valve Clearance IN/mm   Intake  o.20 mm     Exhaust   0.66 mm

Altitude Limit FT/M 6500/1981

Air Inlet Temp Limit 100/33


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